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How Custom Orthotics Can Improve Your Posture?

Modern lifestyles have led to prolonged standing, sitting and walking on hard surfaces. And this has led to the rise of many musculoskeletal issues such as chronic pain and poor posture. An effective solution for this is the use of custom orthotics. This is tailored to the unique foot structure of the individual and there are many benefits that they can provide.

Custom foot orthotics are medical devices that are prescribed by healthcare professionals. This is usually orthopaedic specialists or podiatrists. The orthotics will correct and support the structure of the foot and its function. While there are over-the-counter insoles available, custom orthotics will provide a more personalised approach. This is because it is designed based on a detailed analysis of your feet, overall body mechanism and gait. This can help address specific issues in your feet and offer you sufficient support and alignment as well. You need to have good posture for your overall health. When you maintain good posture, it will help distribute the weight of the body evenly across the skeletal frame. This will reduce strain on your joints and muscles. When you have poor posture, it can lead to problems in your neck, back and shoulder.

With custom orthotics

Posture can be corrected as this will correct the foot alignment. Feet are the foundation for your body and if you have misaligned feet due to pronation, high arches, flat feet etc. your posture will compensate for this. These alignment issues can be corrected by custom orthotics so that your feet can have a balanced and stable base. Your body weight can be distributed more evenly across your feet with custom orthotics. This can reduce excessive pressure on areas such as the balls of your feet, heels and lower back. You will also be able to have better posture as a result of this. The way you walk or your gait is important to maintain good posture as well. When you wear custom orthotics, your feet will be guided through a gait cycle that is more natural and efficient. This will reduce abnormal movements that can lead to imbalances in your posture.

Chronic pain

Can occur in your knees, feet, back or hips and this can have a big impact on your quality of life. With custom orthotics, you will be able to have targeted relief. Some conditions like bunions, plantar fasciitis etc. can lead to debilitating foot pain but with orthotics, you will be provided support and cushioning where it is needed so that pressure on painful areas is reduced. This will help you heal better and manage pain. When the feet are misaligned, it can lead to improper function of your knee. This can lead to osteoarthritis or runner’s knee. Foot posture can be corrected by custom orthotics and this will reduce strain on the knees leading to reduced pain. Misalignment in your feet can also affect your hips and lower back. With custom orthotics, foot mechanics can be corrected so that the legs and pelvis can be aligned properly. This will reduce the stress on your hips and lower back.

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