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Fete/Life Food Special Issue Digital


A special digital magazine of proven home-style favourites that the whole family will love cooking. New baking recipes sure to become classics because they’re all so good! Something for everyone – healthy and nutritious recipes. Plenty of vegetarian and vegan ideas everyone will want to eat. Special treats for the sweet tooth. Lots of variety for a really delicious breakfast. Quick and easy weekday dinners for family meals. Easy recipes for celebration cakes for the kids and grown-up indulgences to satisfy the cravings.

Food has featured often on the pages of Fête/Life magazine over the past decade, recipes garnered not only from our own lives, but also from those we have featured.

The preparation of food, the act of cooking and baking is something that we turn to… to comfort, to nurture, and to nourish. Time spent in the kitchen has enriched our health and our hearts many a time.

This collection of favourite recipes – classics from previous issues and some never-before published – is a reflection of how we live. We use these recipes when celebrating, others help bolster our health and many connect us with our family.

Whether it’s feeding your children, listening to your body’s needs, hosting good friends or tuning into your soul, we know that you’ll find the right recipe within these pages and hope they’ll become your favourites too.

Jane Cameron and Annabelle Kerslake
Co-founders of Fête/Life


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Fete/Life Food Special Issue / Released 28 May 2020


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