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Kitchen Details

Planning a new kitchen can be a daunting task—it needs to be practical as well as look great. When it came to my own kitchen I had to be smart with the layout—part of an open-plan kitchen/living/dining space which measures just 3m x 8m, there was little room for error. Throw in a few very large windows, doorways and building codes and the layout took a considerable amount of thought. I spent a great deal of time working with a very patient and amenable cabinet maker so that the cabinetry would feel more like room furniture, minimise visual noise and maximise the limited space.

A new kitchen is a big investment and I wanted to get it right from the start.

I chose Caesarstone for my benchtops—a premium quartz material that looks as beautiful as it is durable. Caesarstone is both tough and practical and looks very stylish. I knew it would not only have to look great, but it would have to withstand daily use and be easy to clean and maintain. The strength and durability of quartz ensures a product that is superior to natural stone and other manufactured surfaces which really appealed to me—heat, stain, scratch and chip resistant, ideal for the rough and tumble of my everyday life.

My pantry, stove, cooktop and refrigerator are housed within a unit which backed onto the only wall available. This meant the rangehood could be directed out of the ceiling, taking care of the exhaust. Pocket doors allow the oven and cooktop section to be used when needed but neatly hidden away when not—the unit looks more like a cupboard, rather than a cooking area. I opted for a two-burner cooktop which meant I had counter-space to the side of it to house appliances and utensils when needed. In keeping with the all-black theme I was trying to achieve, I opted for Caesarstone Jet Black for the benchtop here. I love my dark little cooking nook which comes to life when the light from the overhead rangehood comes on. Finished in a timber veneer for tactility and simple black metal handles that echo the simple lines of the unit, this is one of my favourite pieces in the apartment.

Hoping to achieve longevity and a kitchen with timeless appeal, I opted for a Caesarstone Pure White benchtop on the island. The benchtop is mounted flush to the cupboards creating a strong piece that houses not only a dish-drawer and cupboards for all manner of kitchenware, but also doubles as storage for everyday goods such as books, linen and paperwork. Push-open doors and drawers keep this island unit streamlined without the need for handles and I just love the expanse of counter-space which I use for displaying a changing collection of servingware, plating up meals, or even for tasks like gift-wrapping or clothes folding as needed.



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