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Fête/Life Issue No.30 /

Fresh starts are an invigorating part of life – the thrill of the unknown, a clean slate, a chance to change bad habits and negative patterns that creep into daily routines. It’s one of the most natural things to do – rebirth and evolve.

It seems so obvious in hindsight, however to instigate such positive change there is often hard work to be done, work that many are afraid to tackle. Cue the universe… have faith in life’s lessons and take time to notice the subtle signs that gently guide us in the right direction. But be warned, if not listening, you can be sure those hard lessons will keep coming until the message is received loud and clear!

A new journey can present in so many different forms – a new home, a renovation, a business venture, a new relationship, a decision to take care of finances or health and well-being. No matter the direction, be sure to approach it with a positive mindset and an element of discipline – in order to thrive, one must first do the work. Then hold on and enjoy the ride as the universe will repay you a thousand-fold.

You can purchase Fête/Life Issue No.30 here. We hope you’ll love it.


2 Responses

  1. Rue says:

    Great Magazine, It’s my goto when I need a bit of design inspiration. Like the article “what not to do if you if you want to live like a minimalist .
    Thanks for the great magazine.

  2. Jane says:

    Thanks so much Rue. We’re glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for your support.

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