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Fête/Life Issue No.27 /

It seems that despite the best laid plans, things always have a funny way of working out. There is much truth in the saying, ‘things happen for a reason‘ and ‘all in good time‘. The ‘dream life‘ imagined in early adulthood is often shaped into something that ultimately ends up looking quite different, swapping delusions of grandeur or the need for the ‘picket fence life‘ to aspirations for the simple things.

As we progress through life, material possessions that exude status and wealth, become superfluous as we
yearn for more, or less as it turns out to be… more time, less stress, more love, less stuff.

When living with less, one becomes more resourceful, simple daily tasks and rituals become paramount – the quality of our sleep, our health and our well-being. These things become valuable commodities that in our youth, we too often take for granted. The beauty of hindsight is that we have the opportunity to learn and grow, to change the habits that aren’t working for us – to reset and reframe. 

Through sharing the knowledge and experience of others, we find value in a simple, meaningful, well-designed life. The pages of this issue bring insight to many areas where we can all use a little guidance and share the stories of those who are living a life they love.

Annabelle Kerslake and Jane Cameron

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  1. I was in a newsagency looking for some interesting mag when i came across fete/life, I bought isdue no 29 & loved it!! Keep reading over & over again. Have been going back looking for ISSUE no 30 but no luck so far. Hope soon ill find.
    Also want to know if possible, how can i purchase issues 1-28? Please

    • Jane says:

      Hi Christina. Thanks for your interest in Fete/Life. Issue No.30 releases mid to late March so it’s not out yet. Issue No.28 is available for purchase here but all other issues are sold out in print. You can however purchase Issues 18 onwards in digital format here.

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