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Fête/Life Issue No.24

The warm days are here and there is a relaxed vibe all around. With each summer day that passes we allow ourselves to let go a little more of routine and daily demands and throw caution to the wind for the holiday season. There is a sense that goals not accomplished by now, can be ‘rolled over‘ into the new year and for a few precious weeks we allow ourselves to live without pressure, to just forget what hasn’t been done and enjoy each day as it comes. As the year winds down it’s tempting to keep looking forward to new beginnings, fresh starts and new year resolutions, however reflection is equally as important.

The changing of each year is a magical time. Allow yourself time to look back on the year that was – achievements, milestones, mistakes. Good and bad, the year’s events help shape our plans and decisions for the future. Use the downtime wisely, make more than just a resolution to change, learn from experience and commit to making the moments of 2018 count. Set realistic goals and make well-being, self-care, positive relationships and the things that make you feel good, a priority! Imagine if you could bottle that holiday feeling and live like that every day – a life where we put fewer expectations on ourselves, give ourselves realistic time frames to complete tasks and prioritise sleep, relaxation and relationships.

This issue we share with you places of rest and workspaces created for quality of life and help to guide you when setting your own personal, financial and health goals for the new year. We encourage you to take the time to connect with the year that has passed and be thankful for each one of life’s precious lessons.

You can pre-order a copy of Fête/Life Issue No.24 here. We hope you’ll love it.

Annabelle and Jane

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