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We travel nationwide, working with clients from all industries. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your next project.

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Annabelle Kerslake /


An entrepreneur at heart, Annabelle started her career by opening a florist shop in a leafy Adelaide suburb – after three years her creative side was yearning for a bigger challenge. As an enthusiastic 25 year old, Annabelle moved on to build one of Adelaide’s most exclusive, leading event styling companies. Her penchant for people and all things beautiful had earned her a loyal following. Meeting Jane got her thinking that this clever collaboration could translate Annabelle’s knowledge and skills to a much bigger audience. Together they founded an internationally recognised wedding magazine and now they have turned their talents to a brand new project – fête – with Annabelle’s infectious enthusiasm spreading to every aspect of the business – article writing, advertising sales, design collaboration, styling and of course big ideas.

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Jane Cameron /


For many years Jane ran her own design studio where her clients would wing her across the country as their corporate high-flying designer. She’s lectured design to eager young students, sat on an uni advisory board and the AGDA committee for what seems like forever – she was even asked to judge the awards which was pretty special. To satisfy a creative hankering she started a little stationery business on the side. That’s how she met Annabelle, who was looking for someone to design stationery for her clients. Jane knew the first time they met that they were destined to achieve great things together. She now manages fête and in her role overseeing all things creative, tries to use her obsessive compulsions for good and not evil.

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