When you get your hands on a copy of our fête Winter Issue – released in newsagents tomorrow –  you will love the story on Rhonda Mason and her family. Photographed by Trish Chong from Tealily Photography, their story and their home is heartwarming and inspiring. Rhonda – creator of the popular Pink Ronnie blog and Trish have now teamed up on a new project. Life Captured is an intensive memory keeping and photography workshop. With a philosophy that rings true with us here at fête. Their aim is to help people create memories that are simple, beautiful and tangible with a real and honest photography style, helping people learn the skills and gain the resources to document their lives in the same way. The Life Captured workshop offers a combination of skills teaching both the technical and emotional side of documentary photography, including editing and work flow through to journal methods and memory keeping systems. The first sold out workshop will be held in Sydney in August, however with plans for many more in the future contact either of the girls at to register your interest.


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